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Algal Biofuels Group at Rutgers University (known as CAAB)

Goal: To develop algae into a source of economically viable, renewable Biofuel


Paper Published (May, 2012):


Dynamics of Lipid Biosynthesis and Redistribution in the Marine Diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum Under Nitrate Deprivation

Elizabeth H. Burrows & Nicholas B. Bennette & Damian Carrieri & Joseph L. Dixon & Anita Brinker & Miguel Frada & Steven N. Baldassano & Paul G. Falkowski & G. Charles Dismukes

Bioenerg. Res. (2012) 5:876–885

Published online: 4 May 2012
Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2012




A major bottleneck in developing high quantities of fuel from algae and cyanobacteria is poor understanding of how to control production and catabolism of feedstocks. We will address the fundamental question: "What controls the metabolic 'decision tree' of carbon within algal cells?" Answers will be applied to increase algal lipid production.

Metabolic Engineering Team 3:

  • Leaders:
    • Falkowski (RU)
    • Cerutti (UNL)
    • Northern (LBNL)
  • Members:
    • Bhattacharya, Dismukes, Messing, Dixon (RU)
    • Rabitz (PU)
    • van Wijk (CU)
    • DiRusso, Cahoon Van Etten (UNL)
    • Betenbaugh (JHU)
    • Castellanos, Miller (UMBC)
    • Hilderbrand, Mitchell (SIO)
    • S. Golden, J. Golden, Briggs, Palsson, Burkart (UCSD)


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