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Lipids and Viruses  -  Accepted by Cell Host & Microbe, July 2013;

Published:  Cell Host & Microbe  14: 281-293, 2013  (Sept 11)


Enteroviruses Harness the cellular endocytic machinery to remodel the host cellular cholesterol landscape for effective viral replication.
Olha Ilnytska, Marianita Santiana, Nai-Yun Hsu, Wen-Li Du, Ying-Han Chen, Ekaterina G.
Viktorova, Georgy Belov, Anita Brinker, Judith Storch, Christopher Moore, Joseph L. Dixon
and Nihal Altan-Bonnet*.

Cholesterol is a critical component of cellular membranes, modulating assembly and
function of membrane-based protein/lipid complexes. Many RNA viruses, including
enteroviruses, remodel host membranes to generate organelles with unique lipid
blueprints on which to assemble replication complexes. Here we find that specific host
endocytic pathway machinery are exploited by enteroviruses to enrich and traffic
cholesterol from the plasma membrane and extracellular medium to replication
organelles where cholesterol facilitates viral RNA synthesis and regulates viral
proteolytic processing.

How viruses take over lipid metabolism to form specialized viral membranes/ particles

Viruses and Lipids


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