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Spring and Fall Semesters - Obesity: Biology, Behavior, and Management

Junior/Senior Colloquium (11:709:427)

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

i.               describe the trends in the prevalence of obesity over the past 50 years

ii.              evaluate the interplay among causes of human obesity, i.e., nutritional, physical, behavioral, social and environmental

iii.            understand how public policy can influence obesity.

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Spring and Fall Semesters - Nutrition and Health  709:255:01 (Taught each semester)

The Figure below gives a pictorial synopsis for this undergraduate course for sophomores to seniors. 

First Section:  We discuss the macronutrients and how they are digested and absorbed.  We also cover energy and where it comes from.

Second Section:  Metabolism of the macronutrients

Third Section:  The reasons for the Obesity Crisis and the different diets that are proposed to combat it.

Fourth Section:  Water and Fat Soluble Vitamins;  Major and Trace Minerals.

Fifth Section:  Special Topics chosen by the class for more detailed discussion.

Synopsis of 255 in 2013



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