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Fatty Acid Finder

This package contains tools useful for lipidomic analysis. Check out our full line of customizable lipid tables! You can also upload data files and get results immediatly.

Page Graph - visual search

This was an experiment in visual search, as well as a tool to help prevent pages in a CMS from becoming orphaned. This uses the new <canvas> tag, new to HTML 5, moowheel a javascript connections visualization library, used here to draw dynamic directed graphs. The PageGlimpse webservice is used to generate and load thumbnails of web pages.

Text Processing

This is a simple toolkit for traversing text implemented in PHP. Features include:
  • Get instant statistics about a text passage
  • Semantic traversal of text like nextSentence() or nextWord()
  • Find keywords within a text passage
  • Crop a text passage in a more semantic way
  • < 350 line of code, only 8k!

Processing JS Experiments

Some experiments with ProcessingJS and HTML5 canvas element